DWAF is philosophical grounded on a sociological theoretical framework to analyse how social processes, structures and action are created and work. Understanding social action and giving causes for its effects and course is at the root of sociological theory. Sociological theory is significant as a philosophy for this organisation because DWAF is about groups of people (domestic workers, unemployed women and youth), and the ways they work and are affected by outside sources such as political, economic, educational, legal, social, technology, environmental, language and spiritual. Subsequently, DWAF uses the PEELSTELS framework of analysis to understand the plight and needs of domestic workers, unemployed women and youth in South Africa.


PEELSTELS analysis stands for “Political, Economic, Educational, Legal, Social, Technology, Environmental, Language and Spiritual analysis”. It is an appropriate external analysis framework to gives a specific overview of the different macro-environmental factors that DWAF will take into consideration.