DWAF’s vision is “Eradicating poverty by professionalising domestic work”

Mission Statement

As an advocacy forum, our goal is to be at the centre of further education training and skill development to empower domestic workers and unemployed women and youth; facilitate advocacy to raise awareness to basic conditions for employment and research; provide access to legal aid and counselling to women and youth as independent individuals in Southern Africa.

DWAF’s pedagogical approach is to use a collaborative approach with knowledgeable parties to empower domestic workers, unemployed women and youth through multiple strategies. These strategies are the keystone to develop our clients’ self-sufficiency. These strategic vantage points include 1) Education, Vocational Training and Skill Development; 2) Advocacy and Research; 3) Services: Legal Aid and Counselling; and 4) Fundraising. Furthermore, DWAF will make a significant impact on the South African community, in both short-term relief, and long-term skill development and empowerment.