As an advocacy and training forum, DWAF will provide clients with skill training programs that provide access to further education, career development and life skills while providing legal and counselling services. Our goal is to use a collaborative approach to empower domestic workers, unemployed women and youth through these programs. This strategy is the keystone to develop our clients’ self-sufficiency while reducing unemployment.

Objective one: Education, Vocational Training and Skill Development

There are a large number of unemployed women with basic primary education, who will benefit from vocational training and skills development interventions.

  • Further Education Vocational/Training (FET) and Adult Basic Education Training (ABET)
  • Career/ Professional and Entrepreneurship
  • Short skill training development
  • Personal/interpersonal skills building

Objective Two: Advocacy and Research

Advocacy and research will pay attention to:

  1. Support domestic workers in forming a platform to organize and network.
  2. Get support of key political actors at the national and local levels.
  3. Continue raising awareness about Convention No. 189 through solidarity statements.
  4. Conduct research and collect data and statistics on domestic workers and their situation.

Objective Three: Support Services: Legal Aid and Counselling

These support and social services will seek to address challenges facing domestic workers, unemployed women and youth

  1. Legal aid: We intend to partner with the Law Society and Law Clinics from Universities where legal aid on pro bono basis will be negotiated.
  2. Job placement: We are in partnership with credible a Private Employment Agency which provides training and placement for domestic workers.
  3. Counselling (HIV, bad debt and gambling): We will partner with government departments and other NGO’s which provide services required by our clients in these problematic areas.

Objective Four: Fundraising

Beyond donations, grants and in kind support, DWAF will engage creative ways of getting funds; these are some strategies which it may consider:

  1. Charging a nominal fee for services such: Writing funding proposals to funders.
  2. Annual fees or voluntary contributions from supporters.

Fundraising activities